Carnforth Rotarians are enthusiastic, fun-loving and active volunteers who get together most weeks of the year for dinner, fellowship and professional networking. We have a varied programme of informative guest speakers and enjoy social events such as ladies nights, day trips to local attractions and theatre trips.

Our members give their time and talents to serve the local and international community, in order to help those less fortunate. The Rotary motto is “Service Above Self” which conveys the humanitarian spirit of over 1.2 million Rotarians throughout the world.

Rotary is a non-religious, non-political organisation that is one of the largest non-governmental providers of humanitarian, educational and cultural support programmes in the world. Rotarians encourage high ethical standards in all vocations and help to build goodwill and peace.

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YMC Entry Form Young Musician Competition

Group A:

Competitor aged 8 to under age 12 on the day of the competition. Entrants must perform two pieces in the same discipline or a combination of two different instruments or voice and instrument up to a total performance time of 5 minutes. A Group A entrant choosing to play a combination may play or sing those pieces consecutively as a single performance or separately as decided on the day by the organisers. Programme to commence at 9.30am.

Group B:

Competitor aged 12 to under 15  inclusive on the day of the competition. Entrants may perform only one piece [instrumental or voice] up to a maximum of 5 minutes. Programme to follow on from Group A.

If the entrant has, in the two immediately preceding years, been awarded 1st Prize when competing in either Group A or Group B, he or she may either enter the present competition in the next higher Group or defer entry until the following year and then enter in the Group to which their age relates.

Group C:

Competitor aged 15 to under 19 inclusive on the day of the competition. Entrants may perform only one piece [instrumental or voice] up to a maximum of 6 minutes. Programme to commence at 2.15pm.

Group D:

This group is for vocal duets or instrumental duos/trios with competitors aged from 15 to under 19 years on the day of the competition. Entrants may perform only one piece up to a maximum of 6 minutes. The grouping to be based purely on age at the contest date regardless of music examination grade achievement. Programme to follow on from Group C.

The Rotary Club of Carnforth is hosting the 21st Annual Young Musician Competition on Saturday 4th March 2017. Organised by the Youth Service Committee, the competition will be split into 3 age groups in addition in to Group D for vocal duos or instrumental duos and trios.

The 1st prizewinner in Groups A, B, C & D will each be awarded a trophy to hold for one year and a cup to retain; the 2nd prizewinners a cup to retain; the 3rd prizewinners a cup to retain. The 1st prizewinners in each of Groups A, B, C and D will have a £100 cheque awarded to their school music department. All contestants will receive a certificate.

The Chief Adjudicator will give a commentary upon the performances in Groups A & B and announce the winners at the end of the morning session. In the afternoon session the Chief Adjudicator will give a commentary on the performances in Group C and D and announce the winners at the end of the afternoon session.

Competitors are to indicate on the entry form whether they require an accompanist to be provided by Carnforth Rotary Club and if so, competitors in Groups A & B will be allocated rehearsal times in the morning prior to the start of the competition.

Groups A & B entrants may rehearse with the official accompanist from 9.00am to 10.10am and Group C and D between 1.30 and 2.00pm. Rehearsal times will be prearranged, and are subject to approval by the accompanist and will be notified to the entrant beforehand.

Competitors requesting an accompanist are to enclose a copy of their music with the entry form. Entrants should note that any accompaniment shall be by live performers only.

Please assist our programme arrangements by returning your entry form by 18th February 2017 to:

K. Bromilow

1 Tomlinson Cottage

Over Kellet


LA6 1DG.

We suggest you telephone Kath Bromilow on 07843 529979 in the 2 weeks preceding 4th March to check that all is well with your entry, and that the competition is proceeding. If, however, you know that you definitely do not wish or will be unable to enter, then, in order to avoid "chasing-up" telephone calls by us, could you please let her know as soon as possible. For further details email:

We recommend that you make and keep a copy of your completed entry form. The competition is free to enter.

The organisers reserve the right to cancel the competition in the event that less than 20 entries have been received and confirmed by the closing date.